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WGCL-TV is an American television station owned by Meredith Corporation and licensed to the city of Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America. This station is affiliated with CBS.

It is informally and publicly known as CBS 46 and Channel 46 since it is the virtual channel 46. It is also the UHF digital channel 19.

WGCL-TV is a sister station to WPCH-TV. It is basically a part of the duopoly with WPCH-TV which is an independent television station licensed to Georgia, US.

Being sister stations, these two share the same studios in northwestern Atlanta, while the transmitter of WGCL-TV is located near North Druid Hills, in DeKalb County, Georgia.

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WGCL-TV has several multiplexed digital subchannels. This TV channel goes by the slogan “Local, Real, Everywhere”. The official website for this channel is

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This station first started broadcasting in 1971 with the call sign WHAE-TV. It was originally owned by Continental Broadcasting Network.

In 1977, the station’s call letters were changed to WANX-TV.

Tribune Broadcasting purchased this station in late 1983. Its call letters were accordingly changed to WGNX.

This station became a CBS affiliate in 1994. Meredith Corporation acquired this television station in 1998 and changed the call letters to the present callsign WGCL-TV. It was shortly branded as “CBS Atlanta” until finally settling on CBS 46.

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