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    WPTA ABC 21 Indiana
    Channel 15 Indiana
    Channel 33 Indiana

    WISE-TV Fort Wayne

    WISE-TV launched on Nov 21, 1953 is a CW station operating in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Quincy Media is the owner of the channel that...
    Tri-State Christian Television

    WINM Fort Wayne

    WINM launched on April 22, 1983 is a TCT O&O channel operating in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Angola is its city of license. Tri-State Christian...
    PBS Indiana

    WFWA Fort Wayne

    WFWA owned by Fort Wayne Public Television, Inc. is a PBS affiliate active in the city of Fort Wayne, IN. The studios of the...
    Fox 55 Indiana

    WFFT Fort Wayne

    WFFT-TV launched on Dec 21, 1977 is a Fox station operating in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Owned by Allen Media Broadcasting, a subsidiary of Los...