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    WDIV Detroit

    WDIV-TV owned by Graham Media Group is an NBC affiliate broadcasting in Detroit, Michigan, it serves as the flagship channel of Graham Media Group....

    WTVS Detroit

    WTVS owned by Detroit Educational Television Foundation is a PBS member station active in Detroit, Michigan. Launched on Oct 3, 1955, the studios of...

    WPXD Detroit

    WPXD launched on Jan 13, 1981 is an ION operated channel operating in US and licensed to Ann Arbor. Ion Media License Company is...

    WADL Detroit

    WADL owned by Adell Broadcasting Corporation is non-affiliated television operating in Detroit, Michigan. Studios of the channel are set up on Adell Drive in...

    WMYD Detroit

    WMYD launched on Sep 15, 1968 is a MyNetworkTV affiliate broadcasting in Detroit, Michigan. E.W. Scripps Company is the owner of the channel that...

    WKBD-TV Detroit

    WKBD-TV is a CW affiliate broadcasting in Detroit, Michigan and serves Windsor, Ontario. Owned by CBS Television Stations, a division of ViacomCBS, the channel...