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    WKU Kentucky
    NBC 40 Kentucky

    WNKY Bowling Green

    WNKY branded as WNKY NBC 40 launched on Dec 17, 1989 is a joint NBC and CBS affiliate broadcasting in Kentucky. Owned by Marquee...

    WTSF TV Ashland

    WTSF established on April 30, 1983 is a Daystar O&O service available in Ashland, Kentucky, United States. The channel serves Huntington-Charleston, West Virginia market...
    WKU Kentucky

    WKYU Bowling Green

    WKYU-TV is a PBS channel serving Bowling Green, Kentucky. Owned by Western Kentucky University, WWHR and WKYU-FM are the siblings of the channel. The...
    ABC 13 Kentucky

    WBKO Bowling Green

    WBKO established on June 3, 1962 is a joint Fox, ABC and CW+ affiliate licensed to Bowling Green, Kentucky operating in south central Kentucky....
    WKHA Kentucky

    WKHA Hazard

    WKHA is a PBS station held by Kentucky Authority for Educational Television. Launched on Sep 23, 1968, the channel is transmitter located near Viper,...
    WKAS - PBS Kentucky

    WKAS Ashland

    WKAS owned by Kentucky Authority for Educational Television is s PBS member channel active in Ashland, KN. It is operated as part of the...
    Channel 54 Covington

    WCVN Covington

    WCVN established on Sep 8, 1969 is a PBS affiliate airing in Covington, Kentucky. Public Owned by Kentucky Authority for Educational Television, the PBS...
    Eastern Kentucky News

    WYMT Hazard

    WYMT owned by Gray Television is a CBS affiliate broadcasting in Hazard, Kentucky and serves Eastern Kentucky Coalfield region. Launched on Oct 20, 1969,...
    PBS Kentucky

    WKZT Elizabethtown

    WKZT launched on Sep 23, 1968 and owned by Kentucky Authority for Educational Television is a PBS linked Elizabethtown, Kentucky station headquartered on Steel...