Los Angeles

    Canal 22 Los Angeles, California

    KWHY-TV Los Angeles

    Canal 22 Los Angeles aka KWHY-TV, is a Spanish language independent station owned by Meruelo Broadcasting and is sharing duopoly with KBEH; both sisters...

    KAZA TV Los Angeles

    KAZA TV launched on July 9, 2001 is a Los Angeles based station owned and operated by Weigel Broadcasting. The transmitter of the station...
    KSFV Guadalupe, California

    KSFV-CD Los Angeles

    KSFV-CD operating on Virtual Channel 6 and UHF CH 22 is a Class A Television Station owned by Venture Technologies Group, LLC and first...
    CBS Los Angeles, California - Channel 18 - LA-18

    KSCI Los Angeles

    KSCI branded as LA-18 is non-affiliated station based in Los Angeles and is owned by NRJ TV LLC. The Channel 18 is licensed to...
    Channel 44 California

    KXLA TV Los Angeles

    KXLA TV owned by Rancho Palos Verdes Broadcasters, Inc. is an Asian programming station launched in Dec 2000. Ronald Ulloa who also owns KVMD...
    Channel 4 California

    KLCS Los Angeles

    KLCS is a Los Angeles-based station in the ownership of Los Angeles Unified School District and is used for educational purposes. The not-for-profit service...
    KTTV California

    Fox 11 Los Angeles

    Fox 11 established in 1946 is a Fox O&O station located in Los Angeles, CA. Studios are located in Fox Television Center where it...
    KVMD-TV Twentynine Palms, California

    KVMD TV Los Angeles

    KVMD TV licensed to Twentynine Palms is a station owned by Ronald Ulloa who also owns KXLA: Channel 44. The transmitter of the station...
    KOCE California

    PBS SoCal KOCE

    PBS SoCal KOCE: KOCE first airing on Nov 20, 1972 is a Huntington Beach station owned by Public Media Group of Southern California. KCET...
    KJLA-TV California

    KJLA TV 57 Los Angeles

    KJLA TV 57 is a Costa de Oro Media, LLC station that broadcasts on UHF digital Ch 51 and has affiliation with Azteca América....