Los Angeles

    KCET-TV Los Angeles, California

    KCET-TV SoCal

    KCET is a non-profit and non-affiliated station based in Los Angeles, California. First aired on Sep 28, 1964, the channel is owned by Public...
    CBS Los Angeles, California - Channel 18 - LA-18

    KSCI Los Angeles

    KSCI branded as LA-18 is non-affiliated station based in Los Angeles and is owned by NRJ TV LLC. The Channel 18 is licensed to...
    KJLA-TV California

    KJLA TV 57 Los Angeles

    KJLA TV 57 is a Costa de Oro Media, LLC station that broadcasts on UHF digital Ch 51 and has affiliation with Azteca América....
    KHIZ Los Angeles, California

    KHIZ-TV Los Angeles

    KHIZ-LD owned by DTV America Corporation is a Los Angeles based station affiliated with Escape. It uses digital signal to broadcast on VHF Ch...
    KCAL-TV California - CBS Los Angeles - Channel 9

    KCAL 9 Los Angeles

    KCAL 9 is an independent TV station operating from Los Angeles, CA. The channel went on air on Aug 25, 1948 and is owned...
    UniMás 46 Los Angeles, California

    UniMás 46 Los Angeles

    UniMás 46 Los Angeles (calls: KFTR-DT) owned by Univision Communications is a Los Angeles based Spanish language station that shares duopoly with KMEX-DT operating...
    KHTV Channel 9 Anytown, California

    KHTV Channel 9 Anytown

    KHTV Channel 9 Anytown launched on Oct 22, 1993 is a Class A TV Los Angeles station under the ownership of Max Forzan. Licensed...
    Channel 4 California

    KLCS Los Angeles

    KLCS is a Los Angeles-based station in the ownership of Los Angeles Unified School District and is used for educational purposes. The not-for-profit service...
    ION Media Pasadena, California

    KILM Channel 64 Los Angeles

    KILM Channel 64 operating in Los Angeles  is an Ion Media Networks station which it owns through its network Ion Life. It shares duopoly...
    Canal 22 Los Angeles, California

    KWHY-TV Los Angeles

    Canal 22 Los Angeles aka KWHY-TV, is a Spanish language independent station owned by Meruelo Broadcasting and is sharing duopoly with KBEH; both sisters...