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    WTHR 13 Now Indiana

    WTHR Indianapolis

    WTHR is an NBC affiliate active in Indianapolis, IN and owned by Tegna, Inc. It has its studios located on North Meridian Street in...
    CBS 4 Indiana

    WTTV Indianapolis

    WTTV owned by Nexstar Media Group and established on Nov 11, 1949 is the Indianapolis, IN channel licensed to Bloomington. It shares duopoly with...
    WFYI Indiana

    WFYI Indianapolis

    WFYI launched on Oct 4, 1970 is a PBS affiliate active in Indianapolis, IN. Owned by Metropolitan Indianapolis Public Media, Inc., the channel is...
    WHMB Indiana

    WHMB Indianapolis

    WHMB-TV owned by Family Broadcasting Corporation is a religious independent station headquartered at Greenfield Avenue in Noblesville. It operates on virtual channel 40 and...

    WTIU Indianapolis

    WTIU launched on March 3, 1969 is a Bloomington, Indiana based PBS station operating in Indianapolis, IN. It is held by Indiana University and...
    Ion TV Indiana

    WIPX Indianapolis

    WIPX-TV owned by Ion Television and launched on Dec 27, 1988 is an Indianapolis, IN station serving Bloomington and Indianapolis. It shares duopoly with...
    Fox59 Indiana

    WXIN Indianapolis

    WXIN owned by Nexstar Media Group and launched on July 12, 1983 is a Fox affiliate which shares a duopoly with Bloomington-based CBS affiliate...
    Daystar Channel 23 Indiana

    WDTI Indianapolis

    WDTI established on June 8, 1988 is a Daystar O&O channel licensed to Indianapolis, IN. Owned by Indianapolis Community Television, Inc., a division of...
    Channel 23 My Network

    WNDY Indianapolis

    WNDY-TV launched on Nov 1, 1987 is a MyNetwork affiliate operating in Indianapolis IN. It is licensed to Marion. Circle City Broadcasting is the...